Westminster is unmatched when it comes to attractions and views London has to offer. Among many great buildings, you will find The Palace of Westminster, which belongs to London’s World Heritage Sites. So basically, yes, a visit to Westminster is a trip to the very heart of London. Westminster is home to the University of Westminster, with over 22,000 students and a wide range of degrees and courses. If you’re just passing by, take a moment to appreciate the beauty of its building. Such views are definitely worth capturing. Nonetheless, Westminster is not all about sightseeing. In fact, if you’re looking to spend a night to remember, we recommend you to head to the splendid lights of London’s West End for a pre-party dinner at one of delicious West End restaurants. Westminster is full of fantastic shops, too, so after that night out, you may want to consider buying some refreshing clothes in one of Westminster’s boutiques. Just grab an escort to the city center and give free reign to your imagination.