Victoria London

Londoners owe some of the best their city has to offer to the Victorian age - save for cholera, workhouses, and public executions, of course. The Victorian age has given birth to world-class museums and picturesque landmarks, but now, it has also become one of London’s busiest escort and transport hubs. Victoria is located near many of London’s best attractions with close access to Buckingham Palace, Westminster, luxury hotels, great restaurants, and the London Victoria station. When you step off the train, ask for an escort to your accommodation and start planning your trip in Victoria. There’s plenty of things to do here. You can watch the smash hit musical Wicked or indulge in some shopping therapy in either Victoria Place or Cardinal Place shopping centers that feature a selection of high-fashion shops as well as local bars and restaurants. Like we said, House of Parliament and Buckingham Palace are merely a 10 minute walk away, so a visit to Victoria is a perfect opportunity to explore the historical and political heritage of UK.