If you need to kill some time in London, there’s one particular destination worth visiting - Streatham. Well, if the area wasn’t worth a dime, Streatham wouldn’t have three railway stations, would it? Anyway, if you’re thinking of taking the escort to Streatham, you’d better do it in winter. Why is that so? Well, the Streatham society is crazy about ice skating and hockey. For Streatham residents, an ice rink is for life, and the Olympic-sized objects is a true testament to their belief. Speaking of other winter activities, weekends are packed with ice-hockey matches. More interestingly, you can also join an ice hockey team to play out of the out rink, even if you’ve never done it before. If, however, you happen to arrive at Streatham during spring or summer, we suggest you take a trip to The Rookery, a mysterious garden concealed at the top of Streatham Commons. Nearby escorts will be of assistance if you need to spend some leisure time there.