Regent’s Park

The Regent’s Park is the largest green area for sports in Central London and comes with a selection of various activities, such as the London Zoo, a boating lake, lush gardens, and an Open Air Theatre. Here’s good news for sports fans. The Hub, a unique multi-sports facility, offers an impressive range of activities for both the local communities and newcomers. You can join a variety of different classes in Pilates, Yoga, and Stretch, but if you fancy football or rugby, the facility will certainly meet your standards with its 9 adult football pitches and 3 rugby fields. An escort to Regent’s Park is a great opportunity to see a terrific abundance of wildlife, most of which are local birds and a collection of waterfowl from around the world. People have been observing the wildlife in The Regent’s Park since the middle of the 19th century, and with at least 200 species in the area, the place doesn’t cease to amaze visitors with its natural beauty.