Over the last century, Pimlico has become one of London’s most luxurious areas. It’s a home to some beautiful architecture, large townhouses, and posh restaurants. Although the prices of accommodation and escorts are exorbitant in Pimlico, the area guarantees that you’ll be provided with high-end conditions and services. There are many great things to do in Pimlico, but the most recognizable attraction of this area is the Tate Britain. Being the first Tate galleries in UK, the institution offers an enormous collection of artwork by some of the most reputable British artists, not to mention that it’s situated near some of London’s most marvelous beauty spots. If you come to London with the big-spender attitude, give your taste buds some pleasure and take an escort to Boisdale of Belgravia, a Scottish restaurant that specializes in gourmet Scottish meals. Plus, there’s the Pimlico Farmers Market, where you can buy fresh seafood for your culinary endeavors if you and your plus-one decide to stay in the area for a while.