Notting Hill

Being one of London’s most desirable areas, Notting Hill has coined its reputation by offering visitors something we can describe as a textbook example of cultural diversity. You will find everything in Notting Hill, from high-end restaurants and theatres to world-famous global events and live music concerts. One of the greatest attractions of Notting Hill is Europe’s largest street festival - the Notting Hill Carnival. This Caribbean-themed festival adds a splash of colour to the already vibrant area. Gather together with locals and other tourists to celebrate the event and appreciate a huge parade of performers along the Notting Hill Carnival route. If you want to try some mouthwatering food, we recommend you to grab the escort to Portobello Market, one of the best markets in the entire London. The area is divided into two sections: the smaller market takes place from Monday to Thursday, while the main market works on Fridays and Saturdays. For sweet mouths, we strongly recommend The Electric Dinner, where you can try delicious donuts and coffee.