Mayfair is home to some of the most luxurious retailers, hotels, and restaurants in the world. In other words, it’s the ultimate destination for all travellers who love to live the high life. Mayfair has coined its name after the May fair whose history reaches almost 400 years behind, until it was banned in 1764. Now, Mayfair is a paradise for the rich people whose perception of temples can be depicted by a long line of shops full of luxury goods. Moreover, Mayfair features the finest restaurants in the country, so if a michelin-star, fine dining bistro is on your to-do list, Mayfair will have you covered. Other than shopping and food, Mayfair offers a selection of cultural treasures - that is, exclusive cultural treasures. Grab the escort to the Royal Academy of Arts, explore the flat where Jimi Hendrix lived, and admire Mayfair’s stunning Regency architecture. And when the end of the day draws near, find relief in one of Maifair’s luxurious hotels where you can indulge in what can be described as the embodiment of high-class SPA & Wellness services.