Marble Arch

Marble Arch is is one of the most recognizable British monuments. Few are aware of the fact that until 1851, the building was situated in front of the Buckingham Palace and was reserved exclusively for the Royal Family. Now, Marble Arch stands on the north-eastern edge of Hyde Park, where Londoners from Oxford meet to relax during their afternoon breaks. Marble Arch features some stunning architecture, with both historical objects and modern entertainment spots. Speaking of historical attractions, you can stand on the site of Tyburn Tree, a place where criminals were executed every Monday until the end of XVII century. This grim spot is located on the traffic island, at the junction of Edgware and Bayswater roads. Looking for a heaven for shoppers? Well, then you should take a walk down the Oxford Street. It’s a true treasure vault when it comes to brands: Selfridges, John Lewis, H&M, Swatch, Forever 21, Debenhams - this is only a couple of names you’ll meet at Marble Arch. If you’re in a hurry, though, you can use one of many escorts available in the area.