When you visit London for the first time, make sure you check out as much as you can in Holborn. The area takes the first prize for sheer number of attractions crammed into the smallest possible space. If you want to indulge yourself in some of the best foods London has to offer, try a French onion soup on Sicilian Avenue and take a walk around picturesque avenues surrounded by marble architecture. However, before you move on with your trip, grab a cup of coffee in Betterton Street’s famous Poetry Cafe - the intense scent of freshly brewed coffee will sharpen your senses and make you well prepared for the tour. When strolling down Chancery Lane, don’t miss All Star Lanes for some bowling fun. Holborn is famous for being home to one of England’s most important churches - Temple Church. The building is located just off the thoroughfare of Fleet Street; if you’ve seen the Da Vinci Code, then the name should already ring a bell. The entrance is free, so you can have a look around whenever you desire.