Fulham is another upper-class part of London, although many residents claim it doesn’t feel like the capital at all. The area resembles the historic town of Henley-on-Thames, which is why the architecture differs so much from the rest of the city. When booking an escort to Fulham during spring, remember to get down to the Oxford Cambridge Boat Race, the historic annual challenge between the UK’s two most popular universities. The competition begins at Putney Bridge and goes a couple miles down the river to Mortlake. Each April, students, residents, and tourists meet there to enjoy both the boat race and a mug of ale in one of Fulham’s unique pubs. If you ask locals or Fulham escorts about year-round activities, many of them will indicate Bishops Park as a strong go-to. Located on the north-western side of Putney Bridge, the park is home to the hidden Fulham Palace. If you want to feel like you’ve just stepped into Pride and Prejudice, the place will certainly live up to your expectations.