Edgware Road

Originated in ancient Rome, 43 A.D., Edgware Road is now a major street leading through north-west London. It runs for 10 miles in an almost perfectly straight line, which is something extraordinary if you compare it to other roads in London. Edgware Road is the number one place for foodies who want to learn about English cuisine and try some of its classics, such as fish & chips or English Breakfast. Feel free to ask locals for specific recommendations or just use the escort support to take you to some of the best restaurants there. Speaking of escorts, if you’re tired of being constantly on the run and want to unwind for a while, visit the Crystal Palace Spa. It’s a great way to relax and feel that unique ambient vibe provided by its sensual interior and top-notch service of the resort. Oh, and don’t forget to try GoBoat London. It’s only about 0.3 miles from Edgware Road, and you can hire a boat for a couple of hours to cruise the canals, seeing a part of London you wouldn’t normally see. It’s hands down one of the best attractions near Edgware Road.