Earls Court

Contrary to the most sought-after areas in London, Earls Court doesn’t boast the same variety of activities London has to offer, but as with any area in London, Earls Court can still keep you entertained if you make an effort. Instead of going to the Exhibition Center, which can be a bit underwhelming if you want to do other things than watching exhibitions, we suggest you head to the Troubadour on Old Brompton Road. This Parisian-style ‘50s cafe puts some of the UK’s best music artists and poets on stage. The rustic British decor paired with a classic French touch creates a truly unique vibe, one that stirs creativity and fosters social meetups. Most importantly, the place is very budget-friendly, so you won’t have to break the bank in order to spend some quality time there. Despite being predominantly a residential area, Earls Court provides escorts to tourist attractions in neighbouring regions, like Victoria and Albert Museum or Kensington Palace. Just find yourself affordable accommodation and ask for escort support if you want to know what’s hot right now in Earls Court and its neighbourhood.