A visit to this fashionable district is a must for any visitor who wants to squeeze the most out of his/her trip to London. Whether you associate the area with the football team, reality TV or flowers, here are some activities worth your attention. Start by hitting the shops. The region is popular for its high-end neighbourhoods and classy boutiques, not to mention that it’s home to one of Europe’s largest Zara stores. Keep in mind that shopping in Chelsea is about more than just clothes. If you’re a fan of antiques, the Furniture Cave will hands down conquer your heart. This 30,000 square feet antique shop will make you lose yourself in the wealth of available antiques. On top of that, Chelsea is where you will dine with style. With Gordon Ramsay’s three-Michelin star restaurant, Scott Hallsworth empire of oriental eateries, and Marco Grill, the area is a paradise to all London foodies - so whether you want to do brunch for the first time, or please your taste buds with some fine dining, just book an escort to Chelsea and enjoy your time!